Robert Harley's Bestselling Guide to High-End Audio

Critical Acclaim for Robert Harley's Books

Robert Harley

"Brilliant! This book takes Bob Harley's years of reviewing experience and makes it your own. It will accelerate your learning curve and help you get better sound for less money." --John Atkinson, Stereophile

"The Complete Guide to High-End Audio is a must-have addition to every music lover's library. For less than the price of three CDs, this book is without question the best value in highend audio." --Shannon Dickson, The Audiophile Voice

"I highly recommend this book." --Harry Somerfield, San Francisco Chronicle

"This comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of audio fundamentals replaces several reference works as the single best text on high-end audio." --Ed Dell, Audio Amateur

"I like this book. I give Harley a lot of credit for tackling a potentially daunting subject with such intelligence and passion." --John Stiernberg, Sound and Video Contractor

"Its impressive breadth and depth make it a valuable guide to audio's gold mine. You'll learn valuable things from Harley's book, not just at first reading, but as you come back to it over and over." --Peter Moncrieff, International Audio Review

"A monthly magazine like Stereophile often devotes space to introductory articles, buying tips, or features on systems and listening rooms; but it could never put together the material in such a structured and consistent way as Robert Harley has achieved in The Complete Guide to High-End Audio. . . I can firmly recommend this unique, largely up-to-date book." --Martin Colloms, Stereophile

"This is one valuable book, rich in information and insight into the world of high-end audio. I have benefitted immensely from this book and I believe it to be the "bible" for high-end audio." --Dennis Krishnan, High-End Magazine

"Before you make a mistake, buy Bob Harley's book." --Sam Tellig, Stereophile