Robert Harley's Guides to High-End Audio and Home Theater

Home Theater For Everyone

Home Theater for Everyone

At last! All you need to know to become a knowledgeable buyer of today's home entertainment systems.

Robert Harley tells you what you need to know to become a better listener and better buyer of quality high-fidelity components. With this book, you will discover how to get the best sound for your money; how to identify the weak links in your system and upgrade where it will do the most good; how to set-up and "tweak" your system and get maximum performance from equipment you already own; how to read equipment reviews; and, most of all, how to become a more perceptive and appreciative listener. This book makes hi-fi more fun!.

In 15 fact-filled chapters and four appendices - covering everything from the basics to technical matters (in plain English!) - this book helps you to reap the benefits of Mr. Harley's years of reviewing experience, saving you time, trouble, trial and error. Your knowledge is as important as your money, maybe more so, because it's possible to assemble a wonderfully satisfying stereo system for far less money than you might think.

This book makes home theater more fun!

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New edition includes complete explanations of HDTV, all the surround-sound formats (including Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES), set-top boxes, DLP and LCoS projection, plasma panels, and more!

These are just a few of the secrets you will learn:

  • How to make your speakers sound up to 50% better in 10 minutes - at no cost to you.
  • How to make a $1500 TV have the picture quality of a $2500 model.
  • Discover which receiver features are essential - and which are purely marketing gimmicks.
  • High-performance home theater on a budget; how to do it cheap and still do it right.
  • How to find the one home-theater speaker system in 50 worth owning
  • Why all "100 watt" receivers don't sound the same.

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This book is your front-row ticket to the home theater revolution!